Change IP Address On Android

How To Change IP Address On Android 2021 | Best Ways to Change IP address

Change IP Address On Android

How to change IP address on Android? How do I find the IP address of my android smartphone? It is the common question comes in Android and also in iOS users mind.

If you want to protect your data, create different accounts on a single website, or become an Anonymous IP address matters most in this situation.

People usually do things to change IP address on Android or different devices. But, changing the phone IP address is not quite simple.

Every IP address on devices is changed in certain limitations. It is by-default present in every device that works through the internet.

Depending on what network you are using to connect, your android IP address may change.

Before you change your phone IP address, you must know the basics of IP address such as IP Address, Types of IP address, How to find IP Address on Android, and how to change phone IP Address.

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What is IP address & Different Types Of IP Addresses?

It stands for internet protocol. An IP address permits PCs to send and receive information or data over the Internet.

Your Phone IP Address is the same as your postal code on the Internet. It detects the location of the users,

It means that they can be used to follow the physical area of ​​the customer similarly.

There are four types of IP address: Private, Public, Static, and dynamic.

Public and private network location indicators

Private IP addresses use inside a network while the Public is used outside the network. Static IP Address Android and Dynamic IP Addresses indicate durability.

Finally, the question comes to your mind: how do I find my Android smartphone’s IP address?

So, follow the below-mentioned steps to find your phone IP address.



How To Find IP Address On Android

  • Open Settings and search for Network & Internet > WiFi
  • If you are not effectively connected to your Wi-Fi network, tap on its name, and confirm that it connects.
  • At that point, tap the name of the organization and develop the Advanced Zone.

Here, you will search for your IP address and other organizational data. IPv6 addresses appear based on the page.


  • Firstly open any browser through the internet, and search Google.
  • In the Google Search Panel, type “What is My IP.”
  • Google will automatically show your Public IP Address in the search result.


There are also many IP address locator online through which different companies offer users to find IP address online. Users can easily find their IP address just by following the IP address locator website’s instructions.

Change IP Address Android WiFi

  1. Go to your Android Settings
  2. Tap on wireless and network
  3. Go to the Wi-Fi area.
  4. Tap and hold the Wi-Fi network associated with that moment
  5. Tap modify network
  6. Go to Advanced Options or Go
  7. Change your Android’s IP address DHCP to Static.

How To Change Your IP Address On Android

In 5 steps, you could know how to change IP Addresses on Android Phones easily.

  • First, sign up for PureVPN.
  • Visit the PureVPN Android App to download the Android version.
  • Once you install the app on your Android device, open the app, and use your PureVPN credentials to log in.
  • Choose the aim of your choice and hit connect.
  • Now go to or to check your new IP and location.

How To Hide IP Address

There are many ways to hide an IP address. To hide your IP address here, we will define you four easy ways:

  • Use Free/Public WiFi
  • Use a Proxy Server
  • Use a VPN Service
  • Use Tor

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