Speed Up Windows 10

Best Tricks To Speed Up Windows 10 In 2021

To Speed Up Windows 10 people try many ways and take tips from others. But, didn’t get their solutions that how to speed up Windows 10.

If you are facing the same issue which your Windows 10 then, don’t be worry we will discuss here the effective ways so, you get your work done in a short period of time.

we are here to provide you the best Tricks to speed up Windows 10 in a short period of time.

If you found your laptop slow or unresponsive at times.

With every new release, Windows provide new features and updates to its users. This can result in increased resource consumption, resulting in system lethargy or irresponsibility.

Below are the best ways and tools to customize Windows 10.

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Tricks To Speed Up Windows 10

1. Disable the effects and animations

Slow running of your PC may be due to visual effects and animations which increase the burden on system resources.

In the latest PCs, visual effects and animations may not have much impact on power and speed. However, in older PCs, they play a role so turning them off is your best option.

1. Right Click on Start > System

2. On the left, choose the last option on Advanced System Settings

3. Go to the Advanced tab and click on Settings under Performance

2. You can Also Use Performance Tool

Using a performance tool is Another trick to boost your Windows 10.

Windows 10 is having the best useful features of real-time performance monitoring. This is an amazing tool to know as a Performance Monitor.

system and hardware resources, performance issues, and services, etc details are provided by this tool and help in Windows 10 monitoring.

To use properly Performance Monitoring tool just follow the steps below:

  • Type Performance Monitoring tool in the search box of the Start menu and click on the first result to launch the Performance Monitor tool
  • Select the last option on the left> System> System Diagnostics Options

Boost Your Windows 10

The tool will work on your request and collect all information about your system and generate a detailed performance report.

Look under the Alerts section to find the issues on your PC.

3. Speed Up By Optimising Virtual Memory

You can optimize virtual memory to speed up Windows 10. If your system has low Ram then, it is difficult to perform your multi-task.

The solution for it to upgrade your Ram or to clean the Ram.

However, if you have some problem to spend money then, another option we suggest you allocate more virtual memory.

Virtual memory is a software-level optimization to improve the accountability of any system. whenever there are shortages of Real Memory (RAM) The operating system uses virtual memory.  Although Windows 10 manages this setting, manually configuring it gives better results.

To Optimise Virtual memory Follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click on Start, select Control Panel and then choose System and Security Options.
  2. Click on the system in the window that appears, then choose the Advanced System Settings option from the left pane
  3. In a new window, click on the Advanced tab and then click on the Settings button under Display
  4. Select the Advanced tab in a new window and click on the Change button under Virtual Memory
  5. In the new window that appears, automatically manage the paging file size for all drives
  6. Select C: Drive and then click on the radio button for custom size
  7. Now, you have to set the initial size to the  size of your Ram and Maximum size (MB) to double the size of your RAM (for example, if the RAM size is 4GB, set the initial size to 4000 MB and the maximum size to 8000 MB)
  8. Finally, click on the settings button and Then Ok. (Restart When Asked)

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