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Windows 12 Release Date, Features And Updates | Dec 2020

Windows 12 Release Date, Windows 12, Windows 12 Features, Windows Update, Windows 12 release date in India, and all windows 12 update information you will know in this article.

Many Windows users are eagerly waiting for Windows 12. The Upcoming Update of Microsoft in which Windows users are eagerly waiting for this amazing update. Windows 10 is the last released version from Microsoft Company. Windows 10 was having all the best features which users always dreamed of.

Now, for better user experience and to upgrade Microsoft planning to release Windows 12. Windows 12 Release Date is now cleared by the Microsoft company. The unique launch date has not been officially announced. However, you can assume Windows 12 in October of 2020.

Many people assumed that Windows 12 release date will on Oct 2020 but, their assumption went wrong. Many assumed that the Windows 12 release date will be in September 2020 but, their assumption also Gone wrong.

But, Don’t worry here we will discuss with you the appropriate Windows 12 release date which we had got from our researchers.

Here, it is all About the new update and better user experience of Windows 12. Therefore, from longtime Microsoft as taken the time for declaring Windows 12 Release date.

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In the past, when Microsoft Company decided to launch Windows 10 after Windows 8. Windows users were surprised by this activity. As they didn’t get Windows 9 and Microsoft directly launched Windows 10. Again, we can think of this strategy by Microsoft Company which will probably Skip Windows 11 Operating System and will launch Windows 12 Right after declaring Windows 12 release date.

Windows 12 Release Date, Features

When it comes to the word Windows 12 release date, Many Users have questions that when will windows 12 be out, features for Windows 12, is Windows 12 better than Windows 10, will Windows 12 be a free update, and many more

Windows 12 Release Date

As, Currently Microsoft didn’t officially announce the Windows 12 Release Date but, however you can assume till Oct 2020.

Microsoft reported about Windows 12 yet didn’t discuss its adaptation, framework necessities, highlights.

we hope Later this year, Microsoft announces Windows 12 system requirements.

Microsoft’s current position on Windows is seen as helpful as opposed to an individual item. I can see significant updates by effectively adding Windows 11 or 12 to the dynamic Windows 10 codebase.

I don’t mean Windows 10 as a help, just zeroing in on words, although this plan of action may be less powerful for MS sooner or later, so they can replace it as Windows 12.

Highlight updates will incorporate any new usefulness and highlight accessible for Windows and will upgrade more seasoned highlights.

Windows 12 Release Date FAQ

Windows 12 FAQ

1. Will Windows 12 be a free update?

No, there is no Windows 12 and there isn’t so much as a Windows 11. The current rendition of Windows is 10, which is all the more a brand name than a form number.

Another variant of Windows 10 has been delivered two times per year and is known by its date, so was 1809 September 2019, 1903 March 2019, etc. On the off chance that you have Windows 10, you can move up to the most recent variant.

2. Is Windows 12 better than Windows 10?

Yes, of course, Windows 12 will be better than Windows 10 as new Windows 12 updates will bring new features and updates which will improve the user experience. The new update will bring new features which we had listed below and much more.

3) What will be Windows 12 will Release Date in India?

Probably from our researchers and from our sources we come to know that Windows 12 Release Date is expected nearly December 2020.

4) What will be the Windows 12 Cost?

As per our sources, if Windows users are working on old versions such as Windows 7 or 8 they will receive a notification that will inform users to upgrade their system by reservation from a certain period of time. And if anyone using pirated or Windows 7 version has to buy Windows 12 with a given license. The price is expected at nearly $ 900 for buying Windows 12 versions.

Features For Windows 12

After the Windows 12 Release date questions which will come to the user’s mind that what are the features of Windows 12, is Windows 12 better than Windows 10, Your doubt will be cleared in this article. have a look at Windows 12 features listed below.

Windows 12 Features

This component will probably be basic for future Microsoft Windows Lite and Windows Core OS (WCOS). This element will likely be a stage which is like the manner in which Apple handles macOS reinstallations, with the offered alternative to reinstall the OS by downloading a duplicate from the cloud.

1. The redesigned Windows will be a design change from left to right and more shortcut features to quickly access the required files.

2. We can likewise expect the quickest Internet Explorer in Windows 12, similarly, as with Windows 10 the “Edge” Explorer works best, yet then we need a quick program like Chrome, indeed on the off chance that they can make a window So for what reason wouldn’t they be able to make the quickest program.

3. The lack of Windows 12 Pack would have a great window fixing all systems and internal processing issues.

4. To be completely forthright, The News That Microsoft’s Upcoming Windows 12 Will Be Focusing Entirely On VR Is Not That Surprising For Us.

5. Exceptionally the next element that everyone needs to record on-screen, despite the fact that we have not yet seen any built-in screen recorder in Windows, although we can expect a screen recorder in Windows 12.

6. Windows 10 had several errors, such as a Windows 10 memory management error and a bad pool header problem, hopefully, all of these will be fixed in Windows 12.

7. Windows 12 is a very fast and user-friendly interface.

8. Having new and latest gaming performance

9. It will have advance 3D paint features

10. It will also contain night mode, dark mode, and with all security and privacy options.

More Updates On Windows 12

Presently you may ask why, Microsoft will remain with Windows 10 always, well starting now and into the foreseeable future they will be refreshed like Ubuntu and Apple, so now there will be Bianuel Major updates, till now these were Redstone refreshes, one year from now it will be RS4, The current one is RS3 or more “Falls Creator Update”. [Written in November 2017]

So You Can Conclude That Yes There Will Be Major Updates Like 8 To 8.1 Or The Windows 7 SP1 Update, But Microsoft Won’t Do Any Giant Updates Like 7 To 8 Or XP To Vista, As These Now Are Done Partially Through Each Update. (Unique Win10 And Current One Are Very Different).

I bet Microsoft is moving away from 10 names someday, as the actual version number is hidden in the build number of the updates, which are effectively new releases of Windows. Microsoft now delivers in much easier to use and impresses itself with the very long-time support of some legacy systems. So we can expect Windows 12 soon or Windows 13 will happen.

Windows did not have any discussion about Windows 11 or 12, we are not saying that it did not happen, but Microsoft recently made an announcement, stating that Windows 10 is at least 10 years old. Was supposed to be around for, but we don’t know that of course, we don’t know it’s a final operating system until Microsoft exits in new ways

Microsoft has a development team evaluating customer requirements, engineering solutions, and coding them to certain specifications. At the point when bugs are discovered, they are fixed, and updates are pushed to the customer. The scope contains accidental, major releases, and other software that can be written to require a fixed release.

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